Case Studies

Integration between Shipment & eCommerce solutions with Customized order processing

Project 19 was approached with bespoke system requirements which encompassed  building a set of custom rule processing for an online store (e-commerce) which has products that are seasonal and require shipment on a specific schedule for each zone but there are other products that are shipped immediately based on seasons and locality. Moreover, the client had a third party shipment and inventory software which was widely used for shipment purposes but lacked order processing rules described above.

The solution needed to take into account multiple challenges/factors faced due to inconsistent integration capabilities among systems, some of them were API related with limited support, some systems had no API access hence had to rely upon direct Database access, some of which was on-premise and require a certain access methods to connect from outside the firewall and other security parameters.

One of the other complications was the nonexistence of a development and sandbox environment. To re-create an environment was in itself a complex task involving multiple vendor database setups with modifications in DB triggers used in production and ensuring that the production remains untouched. Using the best in class platform and framework and a dedicated team to handle continuous integration and development.

Conclusion: The project was implemented successfully and the solution has become the backbone for all of the client’s Online stores. It has achieved the following goals:

  • All the manual processes for seasonal order processing were automated resulting in increase in productivity and no human errors. 
  • Better handling of orders.
  • Fewer customer complaints resulting in increased customer satisfaction

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