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Project 19 is a Software Development Agency aiming at providing technology solutions and services to small businesses across the US.

Small businesses often face technology challenges that can easily be overcome but due to lack of resources and expertise on the technology front, such businesses struggle to sustain and often miss opportunities to grow in today’s highly competitive market. We apply our digital knowledge to your business goals and budget to create a scope of work that will help you grow your business.

Our approach revolves around the following 4 simple steps:

1. Define
2. Design
3. Build
4. Launch

Our Values

Project19 is a reliable partner you can trust with projects of any level of complexity. Our partnership is built on trust and respect aimed at achieving tangible success.

Trust and Respect

Trust and respect are the pillars of any relationship and we put them upfront when we embark on a new journey with our clients. We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and the most important things for us here are mutual trust and respect.


Honesty & Integrity

Project19 guarantees a fully transparent development process and we expect the same from our clients. Our team of professionals keep their focus on integrity while ensuring transparency all levels. That is why we truly care for the success of your organization and want you to achieve your business objectives as it would also mean success for us.


Genuine Care

Our relationship with our clients is more than just a contract for us; it is a real partnership based on common goals and shared values. Project 19 gives you the best talents and we truly care about your success giving you confidence.


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